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Unstoppable Domains step by step

What is Unstoppable domains?

Unstoppable domains is a company that lets its users create domains that replace cryptocurrency addresses with readable names. Unstoppable domains run on the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchain. Unstoppable domains is a San Fransisco based company founded in 2018 by Matthews Gould, Braden Pezeshki, Bogdan Gusiev, and Bradley Kam.

How to build your decentralised website using Unstoppable Domains

The First thing you must do is to get a Domain that has either .zil or .crypto extensions.

Sign up for Unstoppable Domains. Once you are logged in, go to the sidebar menu and click on search domains. Once you have found a domain, you can purchase it. You can choose from .crypto and .zil. In this tutorial, I bought the domains sleipnir.crypto, sleipnir.zil, and knotsohot.zil.

Once check out is complete, you can claim your domains. Click on claim domain to begin the process.

unstoppable domain step by step tutorial

Click send code by email. Copy and paste the code where it says to enter the confirmation code. You will claim your domains using your wallet.

For the Zil domain, you must upload the Keystore file and insert your pass phrase using the Zilpay wallet. Note that your pass phrase is your Zilpay Password, not the 12 Pass phrases. You can access your Keystore file inside the Zilpay wallet in the security section.

You can claim your .crypto domain using a wallet such as MEW or Metamask. Due to high gas prices, your .crypto domain will have to be claimed using credit to pay for the gas fees. You can also wait until scalable layer 2 solutions, but if you want to claim instantly, you will have to pay extra for the .crypto domains.

Once you claimed your .crypto domain with credit, go back to my domains in the menu and claim the domain you purchased to your wallet. Click on Claim Domain. This process is the same for .zil domains except the wallets are different.

I use the MEW mobile wallet. Click on the camera and hover over the pop-up QR code. This will transfer the domain to your wallet and the claim process will begin.

All you have to do now is wait for the transfer to be complete and you can manage your domain inside Unstoppable domains.

Replace your Crypto wallet addresses with your domain.

Go to My Domain in the menu and click manage domain. Here you can paste in your crypto wallet addresses and use your domain as your address for all your crypto. Unstoppable domains will route incoming payments to the right place.

How to build a Website on Unstoppable Domain

Go to Manage domain and click website. Click choose template and select page type. Select your theme. You can also Launch your own website on IPFS. This Youtube video explains how.

A website on unstoppable domains is still pretty basic compared to for example a WordPress website, however, these are early stages and more features will be added.

Sell your Domains.

You can also sell your Domains as NFTs.

For .crypto addresses, you can sell them on Rarible and OpenSea. For .zil addresses, you can use Mintable.

This video explains how you can sell your .zil domain on Mintable.

Have fun creating your websites on Unstoppable Domains. 🙂

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