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How to get Star Atlas Token

how to get atlas token

Atlas token address is ATLASXmbPQxBUYbxPsV97usA3fPQYEqzQBUHgiFCUsXx

Star Atlas token is a gaming token on the Solana blockchain. According to their website, Star Atlas is ‘a grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and more’. You can play Star Atlas here. To play this game, you will need the token and you will need to attach a wallet.

The best way to get this token is to first set up a browser extension wallet. Since the game is recommending Phantom, it is the wallet I will use.

How to get the Phantom Browser Extension Wallet

Currently Phantom is not an android or Ios app. This warning is from their website: Phantom is NOT available on iOS or Android! Using a fake Phantom mobile app will result in your funds being stolen. Please help us by reporting these apps when you see them.

To get the browser extension wallet, click here.

Click Add to Chrome. This will take you to the Chrome webstore. Click add to chrome and add extension.

Click create new wallet or if you already have a phantom wallet, click use secret recovery phrases.

Never share your recovery phrases with anyone.

Once you have the extension wallet, you can connect with the Defi protocol, Raydium.

Raydium is the Defi protocol where you can swap tokens built on the Solana blockchain. All you need now is Sol (Solana coin) in your browser extension wallet. Sol can be bought at most exchanges. (I purchase my cryptocurrencies through 3commas. Click here to learn how to use this trading platform.)

Send Sol to your browser wallet and connect your wallet to the Raydium interface.

Chose From SOL to ATLAS as per picture shows.

Choose your amount and make the switch. Approve the transactions in your wallet. Your browser wallet will pop up when it is time to approve the transactions.

There you go, you now have the ATLAS gaming token.

Through your browser extension wallet, you can play the Star Atlas game. 🙂

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