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The visa card lets you use crypto as currency wherever Visa is accepted. Below is a step by step tutorial on how you can become a card user.

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Step One. Get the app on your phone.

Step Two. Inside the app, you can apply for a card. The application is inside the section called Card. From here, you choose the tier. Different tiers have different benefits. You need to stake CRO (amount depends on the tier you chose) for 180 days.

Users in the US can apply to get a virtual card. Click here to learn how to apply for a virtual card.

Step Three. Once you have staked CRO and submitted proof of delivery address, your card will be shipped.

Step Four. You can connect your bank account to your card or send crypto to your card to use as currency.

Before you can use the card, you must confirm your identity.

Different settings inside visa card

Inside settings, you can select your payment currency, language preference, refund currency, and passcode settings.

You can also set up 2fa where you will get a code on your phone to use every time you do a transaction.

Trading inside visa app

Inside the home page of your visa app, you will see the total of your holdings. You can trade, deposit, and withdraw from the home page of your app.

How to deposit fiat to

In home page, click the transer button and choose deposit. Click on Fiat and click on your currency. Different countries have different set up. In Australia, you can choose between NPP and BPAY. Follow the promts as directed in your app.

How to deposit Crypto to

Follow the same steps as deposit fiat, except choose crypto. Choose the coin to get the wallet address.

What is Crypto Earn in the Visa app

You can also earn crypto with the Crypto Earn feature. Go to the Accounts tab. Inside Accounts, click on Crypto Earn. You can deposit crypto and earn up to 12.5 % pa on your crypto assets. Earnings will be credited to your wallet every 7 days. Earnings are paid in the same currency as your deposit.

How to buy Crypto with app

Inside accounts, click on Crypto Wallet. here you can buy and sell crypto. You can also transfer fiat money to your Fiat Wallet inside accounts.

How to use Crypto.Com to pay where Visa is accepted

Inside Accounts, click on Visa Card. Here you can top up your wallet either by using your crypto wallet or credit card. Since I am a Zilliqa fan, I use my rewards earned in Zilswap to send Zilliqa to Click on where it says Card. Click on Top up. Choose coin from your Crypto wallet and top up your card.

How to mine Crypto with Supercharger

Click on Supercharger inside the home tab (main page). Supercharger is a flexible liquidity mining platform where you can deposit CRO on the exchange to mine the hottest DeFi tokens. This way, you can earn rewards depending on how much CRO you have staked.

Crypto.Com rewards and benefits

Different card tiers have different rewards and benefits. You can get up to 8% cashback on spending on their highest tier reward card, the Obsedian card. Check out a full list of rewards and benefits here.

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